Support & Updates

Additional Downloads. Your link to download our MICR software expires after a few days. You can order a backup CD from us at the time you place your order, or you can back the software up yourself. We do not provide additional software downloads after your initial purchase, so make sure you back your purchase up right away.

Technical Support. Your purchase of any one of our MICR software packages entitles you to one (1) year of technical support via phone or email with a maximum of 10 support incidents. Fax support is limited to one incident per year. After one year, additional support can be purchased on a year-by-year basis.

Upgrades/Updates. Your MICR software purchase entitles you to six (6) months of free software upgrades. Once this six month period has expired, you may purchase an upgrade or update to the current version of our software at a reduced price. Your MICR calibration utility has a button to check on line for the availability and cost of an update.

Lost Installer Passwords. You can send us a request to try and retrieve a password for your product's installer. Just fill out the form found here, and send it to us. We will attempt to locate a password that matches your installer. This service only works during our normal business hours. We can not guarantee that we will find your password, or how long this search might take.


Providing quality software products that work without problems is very important to us at Elfring Fonts. If you have experienced a problem we would like to know about it. This helps us build software that gives you fewer problems. Before you call us for support, try the following ideas:

Consult the program documentation.

Every MICR product we make comes with a complete user manual, not just a help file. These manuals range from 12 pages for a very simple piece of software up to 48 pages for our more complicated products. All manuals include a glossary of MICR terminology and an introduction to MICR basics and layout. To find your product manual click on Start, Programs, MICR, Documentation. This will bring the program manual up in your word processor. If you do not have a printed copy of the manual we strongly recommend you print a copy right away.

Try the program Help file.

Most simple problems have simple answers. Our program Help files, while not equivalent to our product manuals, can solve a wide variety of problems. You can access the program Help file wile running our MICR calibration program by clicking on the Help button, or by pre4ssing F1.

Support by email

. You can report problems or ask questions via email. Just use the email form we provide. Remember to let us know exactly which MICR product you are using, what operating system you are running, and the details of the problem.

Support by telephone

. Our telephone support number is 1-630-440-2456. We are open from 10 am until 4 pm Monday through Thursday, Central Standard Time (Chicago). We are closed for all standard U.S. holidays.