MICR & Secure Font Distribution Licenses

Do you need to include MICR or Secure fonts in your software product? Would including these fonts with your software increase sales? Or would adding MICR fonts to your package make it a better value for your customers? Elfring Fonts offers distribution licenses that let you include our fonts with your software. We can also custom make fonts for specific projects.

We offer TrueType / OpenType fonts for Windows 11 - 7, and Server 2022/2019/2016. We can even turn your company logo or signature into a TrueType font. We can also create Windows bitmapped screen fonts (FON font libraries) that let you display anything you want. Finally, we continue to offer PCL bitmapped soft fonts for LaserJet prints used in Unix, DOS, and AS/400s.

Our distribution licenses let you include unlimited copies of our fonts with a single software product of yours, for a five year period. These licenses are renewable.

We also offer embeddable distribution licenses. These special fonts can be embedded in pdf documents. Use the form below to obtain quick estimate on what it would cost to add MICR or Secure fonts to your software. You may also call, Email, or write us for a quote.

For a License estimate, just fill out the form below and click on the Request License Information button. We will evaluate your request and respond quickly via Email.


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